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Connor Gale
United States, Attleboro
Private Investigator Connor Gale, Writing & Content
Profiences/Skills: - Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop) [7+ years] - Excellent written and oral communication skills - Customer Service (6 years) - Social Media (7 Years) - Case & Workload experience - Administrative experience - Ability to conduct research efficiently - Knowledge in criminal law - Criminal & Civil Investigations - Interviewing - Crime Scene Processing Experience - Latent Fingerprint Lifting/Processing Professional Experiences: COVENTBRIDGE GROUP: PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR - Conduct video surveillance (fixed/mobile) - Obtain videotaped documentation of subjects - Conduct background/activity checks and courthouse searches - Write and record statements - Conduct scene investigations - Draft through detailed and investigative reports ALLIANCE DETECTIVES AND SECURITY SERVICES SECURITY OFFICER - Maintain access control within a secure facility - Maintain an accurate and concise log during shifts - Report Writing - Conflict management and resolution SALVATORE FERRAGAMO: SALES ASSOCIATE - Handle and care of designer Italian goods and content - Sales of designer Italian goods and content - Client bookkeeping - Maintain precise customer service - Introducing clients to company website/social media accounts - Inventory audits - Phone orders and charge send voucher forms - Maintaining excellent communication ATTLEBORO POLICE DEPARTMENT: PUBLIC SAFETY TELECOMMUNICATOR - Answered emergency and non-emergency 911 calls - Operated NexGen, CAD, CJIS and Call Works systems - Dispatched Police Officers - Communicated with supervisors daily - Research of criminal and civil incidents - Background checks - Report Writing - Data Entry
Writing & Content
Report Writing
Research Writing
Copy Typing
Creative Writing
Marriott Battle
United States, Winston-Salem
Copywriter - Content Writer Marriott Battle, Writing & Content
Marriott Battle Skills Summary I have been building a strong skill in writing for many years. I have taken media and writing classes focusing on media. I am integrated into the English world, but also the social media writing world. I run my own blog and I know how to discuss and advertise products or ministries in the best way that is appealing to many people in this day and age. My classes have revolved around modern grammar, writing for social media, journalism, creative writing, and nonfiction, and social media itself and the impact it has on people today. I am passionate about editing and I enjoy writing both reviews and blog posts. I have also been an actor before, so script writing and editing are some things I am very interested in and that have had a huge impact on my life. I have loved Disney my entire life. My free time is spent in devotion to exploring the parks through virtual reality or behind the scenes walk throughs. I pride myself in knowing ‘worthless facts’ about the history and constantly attempting to learn more. Education Interdisciplinary: English and Theatre/ May 2021/ Liberty University I began as a theatre major, but then I realized my love for writing was too great for an English and creative writing minor, so I included English into my degree. I believe my degree allows me to not only improve in my writing skills, but also be able to connect with the emotional and human aspect which writers attempt to capture. Experience Salesperson|2015-present I worked for a specific beauty boutique in which I had a vast knowledge of the products and a competency of the technology required for the position. I worked first-hand with costumers and learned the specificities of the system and policies of the company. I was a face for the company and I represented its values and requirements. I created a bond with the customers and I relayed the proper information needed to them about the products which they were searching for. Every day I would encounter different people and interact with them and attempted to make them feel happier when they left than when they came in. The job taught me customer service and critical thinking. Social Media Manager | 2020 In this job, I created a few original graphics that pertained to the specific company and the theme which the owner wanted me to create. I also became very knowledgeable about posting times for social media, hashtags, and captions. I learned how to work directly with the owner of small businesses and to meet their needs and vision within this job. I also became familiar with SEO and the algorithms in social media which would allow my page or the pages I create to generate the most traffic. Senior Lifestyle Contributor to the Lifestyle Section| 2020-present I am the Senior lifestyle contributor to an online magazine that features articles about inclusivity and every day life. In my job, I work closely with my publisher, editor, and boss. I have recently looked to expand into a social media phase as well. I am diligent in this work and meet the requirements for the articles I write, submit my work before the deadlines, and edit meticulously before and after submission. I have developed my own name and my own writing style. I write roughly 3-5 articles a month and develop writing that matches the intended theme of the month. All of my articles are original and well-researched.
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