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Manoharan Kanniappan
India, Chennai
SQL Developer - Remote Manoharan Kanniappan, Websites, IT & Software
29 Yrs of Professional Experience  2 Years - SAP – ABAP Consultant in a Manufacturing Company  3Years. - Sr. Manager HR & Performance Management in a BPO Company  3 Years – Sr.Manager Software Development & Database Administration MS SQL 2000 in a BPO Company  4 Years - Project Manager / Project Leader (Offshore Software Development in Embedded Sys)  5 Years - Manager - IT (In-House Software, Network & Communication) Application Software – New development, Upgrading & Migrating to Newer Tech. System Software – Installation, Configuration & Maintenance.  4 Years – Systems Analyst (Manufacturing Company)  8 Years – Senior Programmer (Manufacturing Company) Functional Experience  Possess strong functional skills in the following functional Domains: 1. Human Resource Management System, 2. Inventory control, Material Requirement Planning, Production Planning 3. Financial Accounting 4. Quality Control, Supply Chain Management, 5. Sales & Marketing and After Sales Service. Strengths  Excellent Communication skills & Grasping power.  Ability to work as a team & to coordinate among team members.  Excellent Analytical Capability.  Eager to learn many new things and work as per with interest.  Ability to think outside the box .  Excellent planner and always looks to the future when organizing projects. Always anticipates change and deals with it effectively.  Makes sure that the job is done, and that goals and objectives are reached.  Always approachable, contributes to other’s success, a team player, and is a good listener. Software Skills:  Programming Language : C#, VB.NET, VB-6, C, VC++,ABAP4  Database : MS Access. SQL Server2005, MySQL, Oracle11i  Operating System : Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2000 & 2003  Web Tools : HTML, XML , PHP, VBScript, Javascript  Web Server : IIS5.0,Apache  Microsoft Technologies : VB.NET,ASP.NET,ADO.NET.,  Microsoft Office 2007 : Excell,Word, Powerpoint, MS Project  IDE : Visual studio 2005, VS 2003, ABAP Workbench
Websites, IT & Software
C# Programming
SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)
Rahul singh
Web Developer Rahul Singh, Websites, IT & Software
Project 1] Project Title: Metal Dealing Invoice System MCA final year project Coding Language: Vb.net | Backend: Dot Net Framework | Database: SQLite Module Description: Metal Dealing Invoice System is an application which is created for storing and reading data from database regarding accounting details of the company or a shop and generating invoice and maintain accounting records. 2] Project Title: Collage Management System MCA 2nd Year project Coding Language: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, ajax | Database: MYSQL Description: Collage Management System is a web application developed for Displaying collage information events contacting etc., and also collage ERP which store data related staff and student. 3] Project Title: Food Ordering System MCA 2nd Year project Coding Language: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, asp.net & C# | Backend: Dot Net Framework | Database: SQLite Module Description: Food ordering is a web application which is developed for online food ordering system based on location and user details where multiple restaurants are available on selected location and order can be tracked. Education • Have completed Master of Computer Application degree From Pune University on January 2021 with B+ Grade. • Have completed Bachelors of computer application from PUNE University on June 2017 with Second class. • Have completed Higher Secondary Certificate Education from Maharashtra board on Feb 2009 with 53.50%. • Have completed Secondary School Certificate Examination from Maharashtra board on March 2007 with 44.61%. Skills • Blogger, Social and internet advertising. • Experienced with C.M.S software like WordPress and MYBB, have also work with language like VB.net, C#, python, C, C++, asp.net, SQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript. • Computer assembling. • Photoshop Editing
Websites, IT & Software
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