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Jorge Gómez
Graphic Designer Jorge Gómez, Design, Media & Architecture
Work Experience: Logistics Coordinator Certified Employment Group - Roseville, CA May 2018 to April 2020 Assisting in general warehouse tasks such as organizing and retrieving items, delivering, packaging, etc. T-Shirt Designer RedBubble - Roseville, CA March 2013 to June 2016 Education: Associate in Applied Art and Design Sierra College - Rocklin, CA January 2016 to Present High school diploma Woodcreek High School 2012 to 2015 Skills: - Logistics - Supply Chain - Video Editing - Adobe Illustrator - Graphic Design - Video Production - Adobe Photoshop Assessments: Graphic Design — Proficient May 2020 Using graphic design techniques and producing visual media to communicate concepts. Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_to_profile/6c2cb1da453bc4ee6be4267cb759da39eed53dc074545cb7 Sales: Influence & Negotiation — Highly Proficient March 2019 Measures a candidate's ability to effectively use influence and negotiation techniques to engage with and persuade customers. Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_to_profile/7e0107f19ccfb7edd0f8e9943aa2aefaeed53dc074545cb7 Verbal Communication — Highly Proficient May 2020 Speaking clearly, correctly, and concisely. Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/attempts/c614cdb8f2a35615e54293b152bbbb6deed53dc074545cb7 Social Media — Highly Proficient May 2020 Creating content, communicating online, and building a brand's reputation. Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/attempts/1661b42b74ccfbaec61613ff8fc4c81deed53dc074545cb7 Graphic Design — Proficient June 2020 Using graphic design techniques and producing visual media to communicate concepts. Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_to_profile/15c98366150363c4ce1790090d04900beed53dc074545cb7 Attention to Detail — Completed May 2020 Identifying differences in materials, following instructions, and detecting details among distracting information. Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/attempts/b0b641ce462f23c62cd108fd44cd8a2deed53dc074545cb7 Marketing — Expert June 2020 Understanding a target audience and how to best communicate with them. Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/attempts/97d40aa0f2fe6989cbf5ca3a91629416eed53dc074545cb7 Forklift Safety — Proficient May 2020 Best practices and safety hazards in forklift operation. Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_to_profile/6870f7c40d68b7930b31db45a86640c9eed53dc074545cb7 Basic Computer Skills: PC — Expert May 2020 Performing basic computer operations, navigating a Windows OS, and troubleshooting common computer problems. Full results: https://share.indeedassessments.com/share_to_profile/dc331e78d7fd7862230f0f1b70b34c5eeed53dc074545cb7 Indeed Assessments provides skills tests that are not indicative of a license or certification, or continued development in any professional field. Additional Information • Basic retail work experience • Graphic design and Video Editing Experience • Intermediate experience with Microsoft's Office 365 suite • Experience with Adobe's Creative Cloud suite • Excellent English/Spanish skills (written/spoken) • High level of maturity and sense of responsibility • Highly resourceful, objective and reliable • Ability to work in a team driven environment
Design, Media & Architecture
Graphic Design
Video Broadcasting
Video Editing
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