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Smriti Gupta
Software engineer Smriti Gupta, Engineering & Science
I am a robotics graduate student at the University of Maryland, College Park. I started my journey in the world of automation by taking electronics engineering as my major in undergrad, where I came to know about various sensors and networking between them. I continued to pursue my interest by choosing robotics as my major for masters. Here, I worked on different technologies like computer vision algorithms and their implementation using OpenCV, working on ROS . I started with homography and continued with visual odometry, object tracking algorithms like Lucas Kanade tracker, mixture models, working on manipulators, etc. Later, I used deep learning to address vision problems like image classifier, facial keypoints detection, image captioning, etc, and explored deep learning frameworks like PyTorch, Keras, and tensor flow. This developed a deep interest in deep learning and computer vision. With the zeal to dwell more into this domain of Artificial Intelligence, I am applying to your company. The amazing work you do needs a lot in the backend on which I want to work on. For me, I think this is the best opportunity to hone my skills and explore. I hope with all the expertise I have, I would be able to provide you great service and provide new ideas. I think this position will provide me with an opportunity to explore my interest areas very well. I am really looking forward to being a part of your team. Please feel free to reach out to me via email- and have a look at my website - www.smritigupa28.com. Regards Smriti Gupta Robotics Grad Student University of Maryland
Engineering & Science
Deep Learning
Machine Learning (ML)
Video Processing
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