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John Manly
United States, Boynton Beach
Senior Graphic/Web Designer & Videographer John Manly, Design, Media & Architecture
I got into graphic design professionally nearly 15 years ago, but I’ve been a creative person all of my life. I began with music around age 4 and transitioned to visual arts throughout high school and college. I think I’m well suited for this line of work because I have pixel-perfect attention to detail and an extremely logical and efficient way of working. I produce clean, professional work in a timely manner. My coworkers can all attest to this fact and I’ve gained a reputation for completing tasks ahead of time. A running joke among my colleagues is that by the time someone thinks of a project they’d like me to work on, I’ve already finished it. Before beginning my career as a multimedia designer, I worked in and studied aviation. Working for the airlines allowed me to develop exceptional multitasking skills and the ability to work quickly without sacrificing quality. In my time with the airlines, I was put into a leadership role on my shift and immediately gained the respect of my peers and elders because of my hard work, knowledge, and lead-by-example leadership style. I never shy away from the difficult tasks that need to be done and will often find innovative, efficient methods to complete them. Outside of work I enjoy scuba diving; exploring local parks and museums; playing video games; and watching documentaries (especially aviation or space ones). Other hobbies of mine include golf, snowboarding, surfing, cooking, making music, and nearly anything involving nature or a body of water.
Design, Media & Architecture
Video Production
After Effects
Website Design
Jeramy Miranda
Philippines, Magalang
Get to know more about me. Jeramy Miranda, Design, Media & Architecture
I'm a freelance Digital Marketer professional who has a lot of expertise in branding, social media strategy, and design. As my background is in marketing, I have plenty of experience with social media and website development too. I’m highly motivated and my creativity allows me to think outside the box while maintaining complete focus on your needs. One of the services I can provide for your company is marketing. If you want someone to look after all your marketing needs, then I'm the one for you. With extensive experience in Swiss, American, and International markets, I can take on any of the diverse roles I have done in previous jobs, and I'll be able to excel in them. I have a lot of different industry knowledge so I can get the job done faster. I've been working in marketing for over 4 years and I know what it takes to be successful. I'm good at building and implementing communication strategies and developing management skills and I can speak 3 dialects: English, Tagalog, and Kapampangan. I am passionate about writing compelling content on social media posts that are worth the reader’s time and will change their perception of a company or product. Whether it’s a landing page or social media post – I want to make sure that my audience is going to engage and stay with you for as long as possible. I am eager to learn more and strive for the best. I can't wait to work with you.
Design, Media & Architecture
Brand Identity & Strategy
Brochure Design
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Website Design
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