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Supports accounting operations by filing documents, reconciling statements, and running software programs. Maintains accounting records by making copies and filing documents. Reconciles bank statements by comparing statements with the general ledger. Maintains accounting databases by entering data into the computer and processing backups. Verifies financial reports by running performance analysis software program. Determines value of depreciable assets by running depreciation software program. ...Read more

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Teresa KH
Joined Jun 2020
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Our company was founded in 1995 as a Services Company providing Plant Cutting maintenance for areas under HV (high voltage), MV (medium voltage) and LV (low voltage), electrical energy transfer, distribution and transformation power lines for Companies belonging to Gruppo Enel S.p.A. and Gruppo Terna S.p.A. The sector that deals with maintenance of green areas and vegetation pruning in proximity of power lines is the company's "core and strategic business", notwithstanding the diversification that has taken place over the years in areas such as landscape design, development and maintenance of green areas in proximity of various types of technological installations (hydroelectric power plants, wind farms, thermoelectric power plants, etc), the design, realization and maintenance of residential green areas and public green areas (urban decoration), also including the planning, design, realization and maintenance of parks and private gardens. Indeed, our twenty years of experience, combined with the vast know-how and skills of our personnel, have allowed us to develop projects regarding the design and realization of gardens, green areas and day areas, planting programs, hanging gardens, tree and bush pruning services, herbicide programs and mechanical weeding and grass cutting, completing and adding value to our business by offering Global Service programs such as facility and area cleaning, disinfestation, sanitation and deratization, and solar panel cleaning services (for both medium-sized and large solar parks), meeting the changing demands of a market that is increasingly competitive and globalized.

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