Email Designer Needed To Create Promotional Emails

United States, Coffeyville
2 years ago
Maxim Meyer

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We are looking for a designer with a great eye for email marketing, and great knowledge of brand guidelines. The idea candidate would be able to work from a creative brief to create and set up emails in 'Sendgrid' using their visual builder rather than HTML, although some basic HTML knowledge would be desirable. What we need: 1. Create email graphics in Photoshop making use of assets provided by the client or by finding relevant assets online that sit inline with the brand guidelines. 2. De...Read more

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Maxim Meyer
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S-pro IT is a Web Development company. We have a team of talented young entrepreneurs. We specialize in providing IT solutions to the businesses. Our core services includes Web Development, Mobile Apps , SEO and Marketing.

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I want UI / UX designers capable of creating User friendly and interactive wireframes on a contract basis for a project such as full fledged order matching system in a brokerage system
Full Fledged Order Matching System Algorithm 1. Operating Systems 1.a. Fees Management – Management of Brokerage fees during Customer transactions of Stock Trading 1.b. Users – Management of list of Customers placing Active transactions during Stock Trading 1.c. Trading UI / API – A trading platform with certain API’s used while placing Active transactions during Stock Trading 1.d. Regulation / Compliance – Few Webpages having Terms and Conditions , Privacy Policy , Governing Services Agreements content along with their required documents. 1.e. User Risk Management – Management of Customer Risk Information while using Trading Platform 1.f. Admin UI – Admin Dashboard having Fees Management , Users involved in trading etc… 1.g. Settlement and Custody – Management of Settlement Information of list of Stock Trading Customers 1.h. Wallet – Management of Wallet Transactions of Customers placing Active transactions during Stock Trading 1.i. Execution Handler / OMS – An Order Management System platform to maintain all the Orders of Customers , Stock Reports , Graphs having Transaction Information of Customers across various years etc… 2. External Operations System 2.a. CRM - customer relationship management, denoting strategies and software that enables the order matching system to optimize its customer relations. 2.b. Market Surveillance – A platform used in prevention and investigation of abusive, manipulative or illegal trading practices in the securities markets 2.c. Market Making – A platform to store the information about Market Makers who buy at the best bid in the current market scenario and also, sell at the best offer. 2.d. KYC / AML – A platform to store the KYC Information of the Market Makers in an Order Matching system 2.e. Broker Risk Management – A platform to evaluate the risk associated with brokers in an Order Matching system 2.f. BI & Reporting - A platform having an automated process that captures and reports on analyzed data. 2.g. Payment Providers – A platform to store information about Customers placing Active transactions during Stock Trading in an Order Matching system. 3. Exchange Systems 3.a. Order Entry and Management - electronic system developed to execute securities orders in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 3.b. Central Order Book – A platform developed for trading method used by order matching system. It is a transparent system that matches customer orders (e.g. bids and offers) on a 'price time priority' basis. 3.c. Exchange Data Publisher – Having 2 categories such as Public and Private Data Publisher….Public data publisher further has 2 categories such as Market Data history which is Market data allowing traders and investors to know the latest price and see historical trends for instruments such as equities, fixed-income products, derivatives, currencies and Market Data Aggregator which provides precision in historical market data of an order matching system . Private Data Publisher has 1 category such as Drop Copy which provides content about features and message formats of the order matching system .
Design, Media & Architecture
3D Design
Graphic Design
Website Design
11 days ago
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