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I need an artist that can create the artwork for a mobile game. I'm in need of 2D sprites & sprite sheets that look cartoony without a ton of detail. I have a list of everything currently needed; some of the sheets would be similar to each other with just minor changes such as color. Attached is an example of a sprite sheet I've been using during development.Read more

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3D Artist (Unreal or Blender) (generalist; animation)
Search and Rescue Productions is a small production company operating out of NYC. The vast majority of our work is corporate videos, interviews, After Effects graphics, etc. However, we sometimes get to work on exciting, high end music videos for labels and indie artists. We have been hired to produce a music video for a great, international record label and their new band, a popular jazz-punk group out of London. The heart of this video is a 3D animated narrative set at a boxing arena in the future. We need to hire a 3D artist (or possibly multiple specialists) to handle the 3D elements under the guidance of our Director. This is a new space for us; we've been slowly learning 3D work, so we have a good sense of the vocabulary, but we need more experienced artists to get us over the finish line. This will include: -modeling all elements (or possibly modifying models from the marketplace) -animating the scene (although we can possibly use Mixamo mocap data for much of it) -assisting in camera placement/movement, to match and expand on our hand drawn storyboards -lighting -rendering This can be done in either Unreal Engine or Blender. I lean towards Unreal for the ability to use Metahumans, but I'm open to discussing the similar plugins on the Blender side. (Sorry; we're not able to support other software packages at this point.) This job would start soon and the video would need to be completed by mid/late June. The video will run approximately 3min 30sec in total; most of it this 3D work, with some other live action elements and color grading we'll handle here. Some work sessions will be collaborations over Zoom; most will be completed on your own time. Please include a reel, especially with character animation and any sort of fight/action beats. Bonus points if you can show me a clip and explain approximately how long it took to create. It would be great to find someone who can do all of this, but if you are a specialist in one area, still apply!
Design, Media & Architecture
3D Modelling
3D Animation
12 days ago
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