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2 months ago
D Mallar

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We are a non profit organisation and looking t paint a school /community center

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D Mallar
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Industrial design of the projector housing
We are designing a new model of GOBO-projector, and at this point we need to decide what shape of the housing/body we will use, for further technological development. The body/housing of the device is assumed to be composite: the front part (base and cover) should be made of casting, the radiator should be made of stamping (you can find an example of technology by the link below), the leg should be made of bent sheet steel. The main inspiring idea for the body design is Tesla CyberTruck (just a similar style). At this stage, the main task for us is to find the shape and understand the direction for further development. The goal is to get several, 3 to 5 draft versions of the projector housing in the "cybertruck" style. The task is to draw three-dimensional sketches of the gobo-projector body based the layout of the internal parts of the projector (led-chip, disk unit, lens). Projector description: The projector housing/body should have a folding cover in the upper part, which is held on hidden hinges on one side, and is closed with a latch on the other side (you can find the example in the attached file). The leg must ensure the mounting of the projector in any spatial position. The body is sealed. In the back of the projector (behind the led-chip), there is a radiator with 2 fans. Changing the "chip-disk-lens" distances is not allowed. The power supply unit at the bottom of the device must be equipped with a folding cover. Approximate dimensions (+/- 30-40 mm) are presented in PDF. Technical requirements for the result: Software is not important; pencil drawings are also fine. The main thing is to visually show the case from all sides. Requirements for the candidate: having a portfolio, experience with metal casting & mechanical processing is highly desirable.
Design, Media & Architecture
Industrial Design
3D Modelling
6 months ago
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