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Hi, Looking for an experienced React Native Front end developer to help us get a travel app to market, looking for a collaborator and an experienced developer for the long term and hopefully become part of the startup. Requirement Managing and completing the tasks on Trello for Frontend related work Providing solutions for any front end development processes, integration, and scaling Participate in the entire application lifecycle, focusing on coding and debugging Build reusable code and librar...Read more

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Upgrade website & build apps
I want to upgrade some Features in my website used language nodjs and upgrade the design 1-add api with third part and 2-Restrict the ability to change the customer's phone number or email, except by supervisors 3- Amending the password change mechanism for customers, as it requires re-entering the current password and also requires entering a verification code to verify the email 4- dierct payment for topup products without adding to the cart . 5- Make an addition to determine the exchange rates for currencies and display the products at the customer's currency rate. In the case of completing the payment, if the currency is not accepted by the payment gates, it will be converted into dollars or a currency accepted by the payment gateways. 6- Modify the verification code feature and provide an addition that allows the admin to send a verification code to the customer in the event that a text message containing the code is not received by him 7- Amending the group system in terms of discount rates on products or categories, provided that the customer cannot combine more than one discount rate for a product or category 8- Amending the addition of payment gates by allowing the possibility of adding fees as a fixed amount or a variable percentage or both, and making a discount according to the payment method 9- Modify the language system on the site to be convenient and integrated, and add several languages 10 - Modify the add product feature as follows: Determining specific prices for each product by country Determining the period of offers and discounts for products by date, quantity, or a temporary period of time. The possibility of adding another product to the same product as an offer 11- Discount coupon system: Taking into account the strict procedures for it so that it does not negatively affect the work of the site 12- add cost price for each product and sale price and take care the cost price depnd on platform 13 - Modification of adding products: For example, product A is available to more than one party and is withdrawn to the customer according to the priority set by the admin Example : A in sotre api get priority 0 & cost price 1 $ A ezpin priority 1 & 1.1$ A mintreoute 2 & 1.12$ in the back end try to take from 0 prority if no avilablle then go next to priort 1 etc . 14- add invoice system 15- add tax system depdns on country 16- desgin mail shape 17- Add abandoned baskets and pixel system to the site 19- Modify the design of payment gates and website design as you see fit and we agree on 20- build apps for andorid and ios
Websites, IT & Software
React Native
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11 months ago
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