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I am hiring Personal assistant or business virtual assistant to typical tasks such as performing scheduling appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements and do research searching. It may include some lite graphic design, blog writing, social media, and marketing services. I currently need the assistant to e familiar with small Buisness support and product research. Pricing comparing and competitors task research.Read more

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Online Customer Service Agent Required
Job responsibilities 1. Be responsible for handling customer consultation, complaint and suggestion feedback collection of APP business, and providing high-quality customer service; 2. Monitor the problem feedback of business social media, online and voice, optimize the closed-loop solution, and improve the processing timeliness and customer satisfaction; And feed back the problems classified and summarized to the products and business departments, and promote the solutions around the key problems; 3. Work closely with the business team to promote business activities of customer service, such as market research, game product research, marketing activities, promotion, etc; Job requirements 1. Indonesian native, Chinese communication ability is preferred, and can be used as working language for communication; 2. At least 1 year working experience in customer service, working experience in Internet e-commerce and game platform is preferred; 3. Have a strong interest in the mainstream console / mobile games in Indonesia and a high level of game segments; 4. Have a strong sense of service and strong affinity. Clear logical thinking, rich local language expression and organization ability. 5. Customer service management experience is preferred, including on-site management, reasonable scheduling, regular training and optimization of speech skills, so as to improve the efficient operation ability in response speed, problem-solving ability and operation cost
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1 months ago
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