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Business Professional & Strong Organizer Alexander Lazard, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal

Alexander Lazard
United States, Lafayette
Joined Jul 1, 2020

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WORK EXPERIENCE Destiny of Faith Church | Lafayette, LA July 2018 – CURRENT Administrative Pastor (2019-CURRENT) Young Adult Pastor (2019-CURRENT) Lead Ministry Director (2018-2019) Organizational Strategy and Administration: Leads administration and ministry initiatives for a 1,500-member multi-generational church serving South Louisiana (prima...Expand

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Alexander Lazard
Joined Jul 2020
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1 years ago
Award-winning business professional with a comprehensive background in project management, community relations, business/community development, organization strategy, and finance. Exceptional communicator with 10 years of progressive experience launching innovative, research-based solutions that effectively build strategic plans to address complex policy initiatives. Professional and strong organizer with proven success at engaging with diverse communities.

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