1. Wono service volume

1.1 The Wono Platform is a unique, online sharing system, which offers its users a free environment for renting, and leasing any physical/material assets, as well as a vast catalogue of service opportunities that can be accepted, and completed, by any of the Registered Users on the website. Wono also allows for these registered Users to publish Ads, as well as to communicate with each other, and perform any Operations found within the platform.

1.2 Wono does not own, create, sell, resell, control, offer, provide, or insure any Ads or Services, nor does it manage them. Wono Users are solely responsible for their Ads and Services. By accepting an Offer, or creating their own, the Users agree to enter into a direct, contractual relationship with each other. Wono is not a party, nor a separate participant, in any contractual relationship created between Users on the platform.

1.3 Wono does not control, nor guarantee the existence, quality, security, compliance, or legality of any Ads/Services on the site. Wono does not control the reliability, or accuracy, of any descriptions, User Content ratings and reviews, or User action/behavior on the platform. Wono does not recommend or suggest any specific Users, Ads, or Services to their registered participants.

1.4 If you choose to use the Wono Platform, your relationship with Wono is limited to that of an independent, third-party contractor. In this way, you will not be employed by Wono, nor will you be considered a Wono employee, agent, joint-venture participant, or partner, but, instead, are acting solely on your own behalf, and represent your own interests/involvement. Under this Agreement, Wono does not direct, nor control, you, or your activities on the platform.

1.5 Due to the peculiarity, and unreliability of the Internet, Wono cannot fully guarantee the continued, and uninterrupted operation of the Wono Platform, and its availability to its Registered Users. Wono may restrict the availability of the Wono Platform, including its sections, services, or functions, if it is necessary to maintain the proper bandwidth, security, or integrity of our servers. Interrupted service may also take place if it is necessary to carry out any technical measures to ensure the proper, or improved functionality of the Wono Platform. In this way, Wono retains the sole right to improve, extend, and modify the Wono Platform, for a better user experience.

2. Verification of compliance with the established requirements, use of the Wono Platform, User verification

2.1 Users must be at least 21 years, or older, to access the Wono Platform, register a Wono Account, and utilize its features/services.

2.2 Users agree to comply with all applicable local laws, relating to export, and content control. Users must also guarantee they are not located in any countries that are subject to embargo by the United States, nor are their services provided anywhere in the world that has been designated by the US government to be “supporting terrorists.” Users must also guarantee they are not a member of any prohibited party, listed by the US government.

2.3 Wono retains the right to condition the use of, or access to, any sections and functions of the Wono Platform. For example, in order to complete a transaction on the platform, a user is required to be KYC verified.

2.4 In accordance with current legislation to ensure the transparency of any operations, and prevent fraud, Wono reserves the rights to: ask Users to present their official identification documents, or provide any additional information; conduct additional verifications to identify the personnel, or obtain the reputation of Users; check User background on any third-party databases, or outside sources; and (if enough information is provided to identify a User) to request any information about any criminal records, or sexual offenses, from any official sources, or to conduct a similar background check within local jurisdiction (if applicable).

2.5 If you download, or access the Wono App from the Apple / iOS App Store, you agree to the End User License Agreement for the licensed Apple App. the End User License Agreement for the licensed Apple App.

2.6 If you download or access the Wono App from the Google Play store, you agree to the Google Play Terms of use.

2.7 Certain sections of the Wono Platform utilize the “Google Maps” service functions, including the “Google Maps” API. The use of the “Google Maps” services is governed by the Additional terms of use set by the “Google Maps” user agreement.

3. Changes to the given terms and conditions

In accordance with this provision, Wono reserves the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions at any given time. If any changes are made, the updated terms and conditions will be published on the Wono Platform, accompanied by the date of the last update at the top of the first page. We will also notify you, by email, of any revisions at least 30 (thirty) days before the changes fully take effect. If you do not accept the updated terms and conditions, you may terminate this Agreement at any given time, which will take effect immediately. We will inform you of the right to refuse, and to terminate the Agreement, in a notification sent by email. If you do not terminate the Agreement before the indicated date of user changes, and continue to use the Wono Platform, you will be confirming your acceptance of the new, updated terms and conditions.

4. Account Registration

4.1 In order to utilize the functions on the Wono Platform, you must first register an account (“Wono Account”)

4.2 In order to register a Wono Account, you may use your personal email address, and create a password; or, you can alternatively link certain, third-party social media services, such as “Facebook” or “Google,” to sign up instantly (“social network Account”). The link between your Wono Account, and these social media services can be altered, or modified, at any given time under the “Settings” section of your profile, on the Wono Platform.

4.3 You will be required to provide your accurate, valid, and complete personal information, during the registration process, and will be expected to keep your Wono Account information, and your open Wono Account profile, correct, and up-to-date, at all times.

4.4 Users are not allowed to register more than 1 (one) Wono Account without Wono’s express-given permission at any given time. Users may not assign, nor otherwise transfer their Wono Account, or profile information, to any, outside, third-parties.

4.5 You, as the user, are personally responsible, and liable, for maintaining the confidentiality, and security of your Wono Account credentials at all times, and may not disclose your information to any, outside, third-parties. You are required to immediately notify Wono personnel if you have knowledge of, or have any reason to believe, that your account credentials have been lost, stolen, misappropriated, or otherwise compromised in any way, or if your Wono Account has been used, or is suspected of being used, without your authorization. You, as the user, are solely responsible for all actions performed on your Wono Account, except for those in certain, specific circumstances where such actions were not authorized by you, the user, and are not a direct result of possible negligence on the platform.

5. Content

5.1 At Wono’s discretion, users may be provided with the ability to create, upload, send, receive, and store certain content, in particular texts and photographs, on the Wono Platform, (“User Content”) in order to view the User Content, as well as any other content, that Wono may independently post.

5.2 The Wono platform, Wono Content, and all User Content, may be protected in whole, or partly by the copyright, trademark, and/or other laws of the United States or other countries. Users must agree that the Wono Platform, and Wono Content, including all related intellectual property rights, belong exclusively to Wono and/or its licensors, or third-party owners/distributors. Users, under no circumstance, retain any rights to remove, modify, or otherwise hide the notices of copyrights, trademarks, service marks, or any other protected rights, that are part of, or related to, the Wono Platform, Wono Content, or User Content.

5.3 Users do not retain any rights to copy, adapt, modify, distribute, sell, assign, publicly display or perform, broadcast, transmit, or otherwise utilize the Wono Platform, name, or Collective content, in any way, for personal use. Users also agree to have no right to develop any derivative works, based on the Wono Platform or Collective content, nor grant any exceptional licenses, except as expressly provided in these terms and conditions, or as the legal owner of some certain, personally created, User content.

5.4 Subject to your compliance with these set terms and conditions, Wono grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, perpetually revocable, and non-transferable license to download, and use the Wono App on your personal devices; allowing for the access, and viewing, of any Content provided on, or through the Wono Platform, that you retain the rights to - solely for your personal, and non-commercial use.

5.5 By creating, uploading, posting, sending, receiving, storing, or otherwise making publicly available, any User content on, or through, the Wono Platform, you grant Wono a non-exclusive, worldwide, gratuitous, unlimited (or for the set term of protection) and irrevocable, sublicensable agreement to view, store, copy, adapt, modify, distribute, publish, broadcast, transmit, and use said User content in any manner for promotion on the Wono Platform, or on any additional carriers/services, as well as to create derivative works, or licenses, based upon the content. In the specific circumstance that the User content includes any personal information, if use is consistent with the applicable data protection laws, and our Privacy Policy, such User content will only be used for these intended purposes only.

5.6 You, as the user, are solely responsible for all User content, which is posted by you, and your account, on, or through the Wono Platform. Accordingly, through this agreement with the platform, you declare, and warrant that: you are the sole, and exclusive owner of all User content, that is posted by you on, or through, the Wono Platform, or that you have all the rights, licenses, consents, and permissions, that are necessary to grant Wono permission to access/obtain such User content, provided for in these terms and conditions. In this way, neither the User content itself, nor its posting, uploading, publishing, providing, or transmitting of, infringes any third party’s patent or copyright rights, trademark rights, trade secret rights, moral or other proprietary or intellectual property rights, or the rights of publicity or confidentiality, and, therefore, does not violate any applicable law or regulation, nor does the use of User content or any part thereof by the Wono platform, as provided in the given terms and conditions set by Wono.

5.7 You, as the user, agree to not to publish, upload, post, or transmit any User content that: is fraudulent, false, misleading (either directly, or by providing any incomplete, or outdated information) or disorienting; libelous, defamatory, offensive, pornographic or obscene; promotes discrimination, intolerance, racism, hatred, aggression, or harm to any person, or group of persons; promotes violence and cruelty, or contains threats/encourages violence against any person/animal; advertises illegal, or harmful activities/substances; violates any other Wono rules expressly outlined in these terms and conditions. Wono reserves the unique right to remove any User content, or terminate access to any User content on the platform, without any prior, given notice, that may, in Wono’s opinion, violate the applicable laws, the given terms and conditions, the then-current terms and conditions, or the community Standards; as well as content that may otherwise cause damage to the Wono brand, or platform, its Users, third-parties, or retained property assets.

5.8 Wono is dedicated to compliance with current copyright laws, and expects the same from its Users on the platform. If you, as the user, believe that any content on the Wono Platform infringes upon your copyrights, please contact us directly with your concerns.

6.1 Terms that apply to all the Ads

6.1.1 When creating an Ad through the Wono Platform, you, as the user, are required to provide complete and accurate information about your product or services (including: the description of the tangible asset itself, its location, any technical data, and all available dates). You are required to describe, in detail, any problems or shortcomings with your product/service, as well as provide any other relevant information upon Wono’s request. You, as the user, are solely responsible, and liable, for updating the provided information on your Ad, and correcting any possible changes (including any information about vacant dates/openings).

6.1.2 You, as the user, are solely responsible for setting, and updating, the rental price of your desired asset. Once a Guest has submitted a booking request based on your Ad, you are no longer allowed to update the price, and cannot require the Guest to pay more than the amount originally advertised.

6.1.3 All the terms and conditions, specified in your Ad, must not conflict with these given terms and conditions.

6.1.4 The photos of your given asset, used in your Ad, are required to accurately reflect the quality, and condition, of your given good/service. Wono reserves the right to set any requirements for a minimum number of Images, certain format, size, and resolution for any created Ad.

6.1.5 The placement and position of Ads during search results on the Wono Platform will be sorted, and categorized, through several different means, including: search parameters, User requirements, Guest’s preferences, price, calendar availability, Image number and quality, and Ratings/Reviews.

6.2 Housing Ads

6.2.1 Only one apartment may be used in an Ad at any given time.

6.2.2 By placing a Habitation/Housing rental Ad on the Wono Platform, you guarantee that you retain all the rights, consents, and permissions necessary to provide this Habitation/Housing for use by any third parties.

6.2.3 You, as the User, guarantee that your placement of Habitation/Housing Ads on the Wono Platform, Guests’ reservations, and the Guest staying in the Habitation/Housing does not violate any third party agreements such as: the Homeowners Association, Apartment Building Owners Association, or any other associative agreements, and complies with the applicable law (in particular, the zoning law), tax laws and other rules and regulations (including the requirements for all the necessary permits, licenses, and registrations). The proprietor is solely responsible for their own actions, and omissions, as well as the actions, and omissions of the persons, living or otherwise, present in the Habitation/Housing at their request/invitation, excluding the Guest themselves, and any persons invited to the Habitation/Housing by the Guest.

6.2.4 You guarantee that the Habitation/Housing you offer for rent on the Wono Platform meets all the safety requirements for the extent, and entirety, of the residential premises, and does not pose any imminent/potential danger to the Guest, or persons involved.

6.3 Transport vehicles ads

6.3.1 Only one transport vehicle may be used in an Ad at any given time.

6.3.2 By placing a Transport Vehicle rental Ad on the Wono Platform, you guarantee that you retain all the rights, consents, and permissions necessary to provide this Transport Vehicle for use by any third parties.

6.3.3 You, as the User, guarantee that the Transport Vehicle you offer for rent on the Wono Platform is technically sound, in a serviceable condition, and does not pose any imminent/potential danger to the operator.

6.3.4 You, as the User, guarantee that the Transport Vehicle you offer for rent on the Wono Platform has passed all the necessary, technical inspections, and is serviced up to the current date.

6.4 Ads regarding Things

6.4.1 Only one Asset may be used in an Ad at any given time.

6.4.2 By placing an Asset rental Ad on the Wono Platform, you guarantee that you retain all the rights, consents, and permissions necessary to offer the Asset on the Wono Platform, and that the use of these Assets will not violate the rights of any other party involved.

6.4.3 You, as the User, guarantee that the Asset you offer for rent on the Wono Platform is technically sound, in a serviceable condition, and does not pose any imminent/potential danger to any possible user.

6.5 Vacancy announcement

6.5.1 Only one Vacancy may be used in an Ad at any given time.

6.5.2 A Vacancy posted on the Wono Platform must contain only correct, reliable, and up-to-date information.

6.5.3 By placing a Vacancy Ad on the Wono Platform, you guarantee that the amount of compensation, specified in the Ad, meets the national, regional and local legislation requirements.

6.6 The announcement of a freelancer’s Services

6.6.1 By publishing your Portfolio on the Wono Platform, you guarantee that you are the sole author of the uploaded works, and retain all the necessary rights to the associated content.

6.6.2 The User’s works, published in their Portfolio on the Wono Platform, must not contain any personal data pertaining to other persons, or outside third parties (names, addresses, contact details).

6.6.3 By offering your Services as a freelancer on the Wono Platform, you guarantee that the information you provide pertaining to your professional, work industry skills is accurate, credible, and verifiable.

6.6.4 By accepting an active contract, created by an Employer/Customer on the Wono Platform, you, as the freelancer, agree to fully complete the requested work, within the agreed-upon time-frame, and are solely responsible/liable for the enactment of your associated tasks.

7 Ratings and Reviews

7.1 After any transaction is complete, Users can leave a public review (the “Review”) and give a rating (the “Rating”) under each other’s profiles. The Ratings and Reviews solely reflect the Users’ own, subjective opinions, and do not, in any way, reflect the opinions of the Wono Team. Wono does not verify the validity of the Reviews and the Ratings systems that may be incorrect, or misleading, and therefore are not responsible for any inaccurate feedback given/received on the platform.

7.2 The Ratings and the Reviews of Guests and Hosts on the Platform are required to be accurate, truthful, and reliable, and may not contain any intentionally offensive, or defamatory statements. All Ratings and Reviews must meet the requirements outlined within section 5 of these terms and conditions.

7.3 Users are expressly prohibited from tampering, or otherwise interfering with the Rating and the Review system in any way, including: asking any outside, third parties to write undeserved positive, or negative Reviews about other Users on the Platform.

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