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Graphic Designer & Illustrator Sabrina Hinojosa, Design, Media & Architecture

Sabrina Hinojosa
United States, San Antonio
Joined Jun 27, 2020

About Sabrina

I am a graphic designer and illustrator located in the San Antonio area with a passion for story-telling and breathing life into the vision of others. As a professional, I strive to create the best possible design that enhances my client's vision and puts them on the path of success. I do freelance and commission while being able to excel in my cl...Expand

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Sabrina Hinojosa
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Joined Jun 2020
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I am a graphic designer and illustrator located in the San Antonio area. I am constantly striving to improve my craft by learning different styles and practicing them in both digital and traditional mediums.

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I have recently been working in the Architecture field, developing a plethora of skills. I have an extensive design-based Master's of Architecture degree from The University of Michigan. My educational background has provided me with extensive experience with all aspects of design, including but not limited to, Design, Media, Arts, video, 3D imaging, modeling and animation, Adobe Suite, SketchUp, Urban Planning, programming, Architectural drafting and drawing, and many more. I am an avid learner who picks up on great ideas and approaches that others might leave unnoticed, allowing me to see a project through the client’s eyes, and envision an effective way to achieve results. My creatively-driven optimism gives me an excitement that drives unique visions of potential, and multiple solutions for success. I work great in both independently pursuing tasks and collaborating with a team. I work best when there is a lot on my plate and am always ready to get my creativity flowing and add more to my to-do list, keeping everything in motion at all times. I am a great planner, problem-solving, mapping out a road to success, or the end-goal of a project in a clear manner for multiple scenarios. Although to some this may seem overwhelming to some, a clear, concise direction and reasonable plan can cause everything to fall into place with ease.
Design, Media & Architecture
Architectural Rendering
Adobe InDesign
2D Animation
30 $
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