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Web Application Engineer Justen Phelps, Websites, IT & Software

Justen Phelps
United States, Los Angeles
Joined Jun 23, 2020

About Justen

Software Engineer, currently working full time at a Data Science and Analytics company building client-facing applications and dashboards. Past clients for contract and part-time work include: - Fox / FoxNext Studios - Warner Brothers / WB Game Studios - Scopely - Wargaming - Lyft - Wheels - Riot Games * more available if requestedExpand

About freelancer

Justen Phelps
Joined Jun 2020
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2 years ago
Software Engineer in Los Angeles CA I do international consulting and contract work, specifically for Front-End and Web based applications. Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Vue, Node, MySQL, Postgres, BigQuery, and more. I specializing in Data Science and Web Applications built on your database and data sources.

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