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India, Mumbai
21 days ago
shubham shrivastav

About the job

Ecommerce Customisation: - Create Customized Brands taxonomy and Colors attribute filters for WooCommerce shop. - Brands should radio buttons and colors should have checkboxes to select filter. - Add pagination and should be per page 12 products. **CLUE** - On your Wordpress admin side, Add 4 Products: Tshirt1, Tshirt2, Tshirt3, Tshirt4. - ADMIN can add different Brands and colors and also filter products using their added brands and colors.Read more

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shubham shrivastav
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Hello my name is shubham shrivastav I'am an experienced web developer passionate about the work I do in the field of web development with experience in developing websites, especially on WordPress. I am seeking opportunities to build websites and/or web developing tasks.

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