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Data Analyst Pritsh Dutta Mazumdar, Websites, IT & Software

Pritsh Dutta Mazumdar
India, Durgapur
Joined Dec 17, 2020

About Pritsh

I have a keen interest for a plethora of programming languages like BASIC, C++ and JAVA where I have a 1 year each of experience with BASIC (2010) and C++ (2011) and a 2 year experience with JAVA (2012-14). Along with these languages I have also learnt Data Programming with R as well in 2019 during my M.Sc in Quantitative Economics and have also l...Expand

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Pritsh Dutta Mazumdar
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Joined Dec 2020
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8 months ago
I am inclined to pursue a career in the field of data analytics as I have done a technology based study of economics at UCD which has always fascinated me a lot and look forward to contributing to the society at large with this knowledge of mine. I am a passionate learner and have an interest in mathematical, statistical and econometric literature. I am a traveller who is on a mission to explore each and every place on this earth and a philanthropist too.

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