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DevOps Cloud Engineer Serdar Gulec, Websites, IT & Software

Serdar Gulec
Joined Jan 20, 2021

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As a DevOps Cloud Engineer, my strong everyday-learning mentality combined with open-mindness and determination enables me learning new skill sets and adapting them onto new environments faster. Thanks to my experiences working multi-cultural environments, I could easily be part of multi-cultural/multi-functional IT teams without creating conflict...Expand


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Serdar Gulec
Joined Jan 2021
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Fabricio Guardia
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I have experience with advanced design techniques using CSS3 and SASS compilers, I’m continuously learning every day and mastering CSS3 tools like flex-box, CSS3, properties, animations, etc. I primarily use React and MERN stack technologies like MongoDB for database storage and AWS for file storage. AWS S3 storage provides secure, high-scalable object-storage, this includes docs, pictures, movies etc. Please check out my website at for an example of a responsive Desktop & Mobile versions. I'm experienced with API integrations as you can see with some of the projects, I've done in my portfolio including integrating Spotify's API and Infermedicas API. I’m also familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator for image optimizations. I hope that you have found these technologies somewhat interesting and useful as you consider your pool of applicants and also sincerely hope that we’ll be afforded an opportunity to communicate further. I used GoDaddy, Heroku, and Cloudflare to launch fully functional websites. I’ve also recently learned how to implement Google Analytic trackers to get data on pageviews, event clicks, locations, etc. Please consider checking some of my previous projects and my portfolio website to get an idea of my work: Github:
Websites, IT & Software
Javascript ES6
Amazon Web Services
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