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Olivia Sue Chandler
Spain, Barcelona
Joined May 9, 2020

About Olivia Sue

I have been living in Barcelona and teaching English and Business English to people from many backgrounds and in many sectors for the last six years. I am extremely passionate about writing and have a hunger for learning, growing and working on my craft. I am dependable with a strong work ethic, yet with a fun-loving and enthusiastic attitude. I h...Expand

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Olivia Sue
Olivia Sue Chandler
Joined May 2020
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10 months ago
I'm a Texan native based in Barcelona, Spain. You can find me giving English lessons around town or reading and writing, of course. I enjoy listening to podcasts and revel in the fact that there is never a shortage of things to learn! What interests me most to write about is philosophy, popular culture, true crime and politics. I firmly believe that any piece of writing has the power to touch people in a real way and make a difference. If not, it can also just be something to have fun with!

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