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Web Copy-Content Writer Dennis Mutaki, Writing & Content

Dennis Mutaki
Kenya, Nairobi
Joined May 28, 2020

About Dennis

Your favorite freelance writer is an avid researcher who loves giving his clients value for content. He curates your copy compositions in a vibrant display of the Queen's language. He blends dynamic HTML editing with the best content from authoritative sites and domains to create all-around SEO copy that augurs your readers' appetite. His craft su...Expand


About freelancer

Dennis Mutaki
Joined May 2020
Last seen
1 years ago
A prolific writer with a tact for content development. My proficiency entails copy, SEO, academic and creative writing competencies. Through infusing wordplay and ingrained research in my writing, I curate original content geared to transform prospective leads into actual content. I design my style to build your website traffic and increase the number of clients who come onboard your services by strategic use of keyword articulation. Mutaki is also a Finance undergradute, with related CPA certifications as well.

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