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Saqlain Mushtaq
Pakistan, Karachi
Joined Mar 8, 2020

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Hello, I am Saqlain Mushtaq.I am tough working Freelancer. I have sound experience in skip tracing for real estate business. I have labored on many initiatives with my USA clients.I am specialist in skip tracing and data entry with hundred percent Accuracy.I will provide all sorts of skip tracing for real estate business. My location of expertise ...Expand

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Saqlain Mushtaq
Joined Mar 2020
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9 months ago
Hello, I am Saqlain Mushtaq. I am Hardworking Freelancer and my purpose is to grant the fine offerings to my clients I have very bendy hours and don't thought working evenings or weekends. I have sound journey in real property Skip tracing web research, Data entry. My areas of expertiese: 1; Skip tracing 2; Data Entry 3; Web research 4; Data mining 5; probate leads 6; pre-probate lead I hope you will be completely satisfied to work with me Regards, Saqlain Mushtaq

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Krylle Enesario
Philippines, Polomolok
I have more than six (6) years of experience in the BPO industry. I have worked as a CSR for these AT&T accounts (UVERSE, Mobility, DirecTV, Telco SouthEast, and MidWest). I have also worked for, and currently, I am working for an e-commerce company ( as a Team Manager. Here are my skills and software/app knowledge. ✔ Convert any files from one format to another. ✔ Convert any files to links using AWS (Amazon Web Services) for easy web access anytime, anywhere. ✔ Access PCs and mobile devices remotely with TeamViewer. ✔ Shorten long links using bitly. ✔ Run android APPS on PC using Android emulators (LD Player, BlueStacks). ✔ Process refunds in ADYEN, STRIPE, CHECKOUT, PAYPAL, BOLETO, Klarna, etc. ✔ Data Entry (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Spreadsheet, Google Docs, Google Sheets). ✔ Respond to disputes in PayPal. ✔ Respond to negative reviews in Trustpilot, BBB and Sitejabber. ✔ Creating and editing images (basic) in lightroom, photoscape, and Picasa. ✔ Email handling through Outlook, QQ email, Gmail, Ali Mail, and PDESK (a native-owned email ticketing service by ✔ Reply to chats using Salesforce. ✔ Answer phone calls (inbound and outbound) using VOIP services such as GoToConnect (formerly Jive) and ✔ Upload, download, modify files in Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Drive, Xiaomi Cloud, and Microsoft OneDrive. ✔ Manage Facebook/Instagram business accounts. ✔ Order processing, billing, and sales (AT&T CRM). ✔ Order tracking (17Track, ParcelsApp, Aftership, etc.). Provide customers with a local courier's name, local tracking number, and phone number to call and ensure delivery. ✔ Order modification (modify customers' orders change request e.g. color, size, quantity, etc.). ✔ Social Media pages (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) manager. ✔ Translate English to Filipino and other Philippine dialects (Hiligaynon aka Ilonggo, Cebuano, Karay-a, and Chavacano Zamboangueno). ✔ Track time using Time Doctor and Hubstaff. ✔ Daily use of Skype, WhatsApp, and Slack chatting services. ✔ Web Research (Google, Bing, Yahoo search engines and company directories). If you find the above skills helpful or relevant to what you need, please do not hesitate to communicate with me on this platform. I look forward to hearing from you soon. God bless!
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Data Entry
Data Mining
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Sheetal Singh
United States, Coral Springs
Copy Writer - Content Writer Sheetal Singh, Data Entry & Admin
From Being a successful Television Producer/ Director in India to being a Restaurant owner In USA to a Trained Business Analyst my Career Graph has been very exciting and unique. I started my career in the Television industry in India in 2004 with established channels such as Zoom, Zee TV, SONY PIX and Star CJ Alive. I have been a Producer for Promos and Packaging for a solid 5 years and Senior Producer /Director for LIVE TV SHOPPING channel for a solid 5 years. In the entire 10 years of my TV career I have got to work with extremely well-established Producers and Directors who have imparted their technical and creative knowledge duly to me. I have maximized the learning process by actively writing scripts for promos, interstitials, A/V’s and 30 minute shows in both Hindi and English Language with excellent command on both. Technically Lighting, Editing and Camera work comes naturally to me because I am a keen observer of objects and people and storytelling through frames is my forte. In 2014 I moved to Florida, USA and took a short break from the working life to family life. I got married and have a wonderful daughter and now that we had grown as a family it was time to venture into the family business. I proudly owned a Food Franchise in 2018-2019. It taught me the ropes of the Corporate world in the USA for the very first time, expanding my knowledge and experience to a completely different level. It was my first time in food industry and doing business is no easy task. Amongst all my Training and experience I would like to say the Restaurant industry is tough. Especially for a newbie like me. However when the going gets tough,the tough gets going. I had to toughen up when I knew the business didn’t give us satisfactory results. Hence in Aug 2019 since I had already taken a leap of faith I wanted to risk everything I had a show the world that I have great culinary skills. I wanted to introduce Indian food in the city of Coral Springs with a new concept which many may have not tried before. It was a lovely experience ,I built a fantastic customer base ,was the chief Chef and trained my staff effectively.Thus Scheduling, Managing Payroll and keeping the files up to date was all handled by me. The COVID-19 Pandemic took a toll on us and the best move was not to continue the business because of uncertainty. That didn’t put me in the idle seat either. I immediately utilized this precious time learning a new skill in a totally interesting field of IT. I took Business Analyst training and my performance in all assigned tasks got me good results but definitely there is a lot of room for learning. I will summarize my 15 year work graph as I take up what life offers to me and I don’t hesitate to try it, learn it and probably be an expert at it.
Data Entry & Admin
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